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You should be a patron and thus:

– Contribute to our visibility in professional venues and festivals

– Encourage our actors, director and author who love what they do and would like to make a living as artists

– Support our ethical effort to promote diversity and offer remuneration in line with professional standards

– As a non-profit organization, we provide a cultural service to the community: you have the opportunity to work with us in promoting new artists and performing arts

What are the benefits to patrons?

– Have privileged access to actors, director and author (‘aperitif’ meetups, videos, online chats)

– Attend some of our workshops (character, improvisation, etc.)

– Get ticket privilege for shows and events

– Meet with actors, director and author after shows

How to be a patron?

You only need to make a financial contribution – depending on your budget and your motivation to support us punctually or regularly – to be recognized as a patron.

Private patronage is prestigious, without patrons arts could not have thrived. The purpose to which you are contributing will last over time, so take the leap and make a meaningful move now.

The Wandé Foundation, which collects your donations*, supports our organization and all multidisciplinary theater artists.

* Please note that you will receive a receipt for tax purposes.


Sipo Matador Theatre team