Monologues: Parody and Satire

Get It Off My Chest 2019_Theatre Sipo
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Get It Off My Chest!, is a parody and satiric comedy concept, consisting of monologues. The characters represent modern archetypes, each of them sharing their unique experience with the public, perhaps in bad faith and ferocity, but always with honesty.

The 2019 show put the focus on Appropriation, an explosive topic once more in the news this year.
We chose to parody what we admire or strong institutions. For this show, we opted for the Koteba, a style borrowed from Mali (West Africa) traditional theatre. The audience is considered a community; a character, portraying an authority figure in the community intervenes at the beginning, between the monologues and at the end of the show.

Koteba’s core principle is that hot topics can be addressed without explicitly naming individuals – exceptions are allowed, as long as they are neither get blamed nor stigmatized. The nine characters of this edition will be exploring the main topic through the lens of their unique experience, while the authority figure – Morals Incarnate – will be sharing some impressions in improv mode.

By the way, community means connecting people: at the beginning of the show, the audience will be dancing to warm up – no special skills required, follow the leader!

In 2020, due to the pandemic situation, we will release an online performance on our new Youtube channel. This monologue is about Chef Jean-Bernard Horny, one of the characters of the 2019 show.

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