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GET IT OFF MY CHEST! Appropriation.

Parodic and satirical monologues show, December 10-11, 2019 at Theatre Sainte-Catherine 8:00 pm.

If you are zoophobic, vegan, Ontarian, hypersensitive, a babyboomer, hairy, a foodie, outgoing, parenting, a human being, in couple, invisible, depressed, a man, gregarious, skinny, a journalist, a geek, plus-size, republican, Luddite, an anarchist, a student, a bank clerk, a lady… It might sting a bit!

In this comedy show dealing with hot topics, nine colourful characters share their unique insight. These offbeat anti-heroes – never judgmental, though – have in common to get it off their chest with a fierce sense of humour.
Would you like them?

Direction: Adam Sauvé

Performers: Chloé Bilodeau, Nick Fontaine, Ariel Antonacci, Christine Stadler

Special Guest: Zach Poitras

Playwright: Nakato

Duration of the show: 1h50 without intermission

‘Get It Off My Chest’ (‘Voilà, C’est Dit’ in its French version on November 12-13, 2019) is a satirical and a parodic comedy concept that questions the expression of difference in a world where the ordinary get along with the need for recognition.

A queen carrying a heavy burden, a Russophile seduction expert, a genetically engineered anti-speciesist, a young recluse entangled in her choices, an influencer turning everything she touches into gold, a declining top chef, a neurotic artificial intelligence, a revengeful policewoman and a dauntless gonzo journalist, share with the audience a slice of their atypical life, alone on stage.

Appropriation is such a hot topic over recent years! As these characters need to be channelled, Moral Incarnate intervenes during the show and set things straight.

Our talented comedians with theatre, cinema, television and radio backgrounds – embarked on Adam Sauvé’s energetic direction – are the performers of this show that will liven up this Fall.

***Regular tickets: 15 to 33 $ – tax and fees included. Prices apply on tickets purchased online; tickets at the door cost 25 $***

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