Comedy show in November 10, 2018, at Theatre Sainte-Catherine 6:45 pm.

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What does the queen of an empire think when she is alone? How does a hybrid creature live in a world where everyone seems to have his own place? In this comedy dealing with hot topics, six colourful characters share their unique vision of the world. These offbeat anti-heroes – never judgmental, though – have in common to get it off their chest with a fierce sense of humour.
Would you like them?

Direction and music set: Adam Sauvé
Playwright: Nakato
Duration of the show: 1h30 without intermission

‘Get It Off My Chest’ (‘Voilà, C’est Dit’ in its French version on October 10, 2018) is a satirical and a parodic comedy concept that questions the expression of difference in a world where the ordinary get along with the need for recognition. A queen carrying a heavy burden, a Russophile seduction expert, a genetically engineered anti-speciesist, a young recluse entangled in her choices, an influencer turning everything she touches into gold and a fervent believer ready for extreme experiences, share with the audience a slice of their atypical life, alone on stage.

Our talented comedians with theatre, cinema, television and radio backgrounds – embarked on Adam Sauvé’s energetic direction – are the performers of this show that will liven up this Fall.

*** Get a 50% discount on all tickets with this code: FRIEND_SIPO2 ***

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