Acting Improv Studio

More than an improv course : a transformational investment 

In 8 weeks, you will enhance your ability to improvise with authenticity and intensity.

Audience *:

  1. Comedy and drama actors – beginners or advanced in their career on stage, movies or television, Stand Up comedians and highly motivated amateurs.
  2.  Dys(lexia, graphia, praxia) and Aspies Adults.

* Classes are given separately for each audience

Location : Montreal

Duration : On Saturdays from February 24th to April 14th, 2018

Goals : 

  • Actors, comedians and amateurs, after 8 weeks you will be able to take more risks on stage or in front of a camera, using your creativity on all levels (body, voice, expressiveness, mental, energy). You will also be able to improvise a scene / action / story of 15 min. length and more ;
  • Adults Dyx and Aspies, you will be able, in accordance with who you are, to establish a richer and more rewarding communication with others, and to allow you to be more creative in your social relations.

Topics* :

  • Solid grounds : status, acceptance & narrative skills – 2 x 1 hour

    • A scene or an action is only captivating when one goes to the end of its consequences. Acceptance and forthright repartee are precious allies to provoke twists and create a memorable impression among the public or strangers ;
    • Knowing how to write an improv plot script (laying down the outline and improvising the content) makes it possible to achieve a long-lasting performance. It’s about imagining the milestones of a compelling story or each move within a situation.
  • Amplification : energy & relationships between forces – 2 x 1 hour

    • We go further than basic status (dominant vs. dominated for example) usually outlined in acting or in everyday life, we suggest starting from status based on energy ;
    • Once the status understood and undertaken, attendees explore the relationship between energies and experience another form of intensity in a scene, action, or situation.
  • Accuracy : body & feelings (pose, voice, attitude, movement, etc.) – 2 x 1 hour

    • Expressing an emotion (joy, sadness, mixed feelings) with sincerity is the minimum required, the most important part being to express it at the right moment and to discover what is our most effective channel : a tone, a facial expression, a movement… our signature ;
    • The final touch of a fair expressiveness is to make sure that our most effective channel matches with our acting or social partners : this is acting in sync.
  • Expansion : caricature, imitation & mask – 2 x 1 hour
    • This part of the course offers the opportunity to break free from established rules, to experience greater freedom in improv ;
    • Caricaturing, imitating or mask include being inhabited. This session allows you to channel your creative energy in order to achieve your goal in a comic, tragic or social context.

* An agenda and exercises will be sent two days before, on each Thursday.

Our teaching practice is dynamic and immersive, we proceed with the greatest kindness towards attendees, ensuring progression in the mastery of improvisation. We have developed a particular approach to acting, based on an energetic character design, which we adapted to improvisation.

Mariam, a 20 years expert in pedagogy and relational structures and Adam, actor and director, co-facilitate the classes.

Registration is open for next session starting on February 24th, 2018.

Single Fee

(136$ - 17$/h)

For 8 Weeks

On Saturdays

Human-sized Classes

Upside 1

Upside 2

Actors / Comedians

10 am - 11 am 

6 attendees

Empower yourself with better abilities to improvise actions and stories 

Empathize your characters' intensity and depth on stage or in front of a camera

Dys & Aspies Adults

3:15 pm - 4:15 pm

6 attendees

Improve assertiveness

Increase adaptation in relational and social situations

Spread your love of theatre