About Sipo Matador

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Singing in opera is easier than acting in theatre because the music is already written, while in theatre you have to compose your score yourself.

Nathalie Dessay, Soprano


Nothing summarizes better theatre since each performance is a reinvention. Sipo Matador, the name of the liana that strangles trees in the Java forest to access the light – but we are convinced that it is an unfortunate misunderstanding! – designates both a company and a cultural venue, located in Montreal.

Theatre side, our repertory is rather tragedy and tragicomedy. But as our actors have the ability to split, there is also an improvisation side, allowing them to chase away the author in order to seize the story and perform on stage in their own version. Fans enjoying marked trails and those who prefer unexpected flashes are served.

For good measure, our main characters do not hesitate to escape to get in touch with the public, during happenings in town announced at the last moment.

A cultural venue because we aim to make our contribution to performing arts through exchanges with theatre practitioners, conferences, exhibitions, and by introducing actors and amateur to our specific approach to acting with our improvisation studio.

As we are located in Montreal – Quebec’s Big Island, which celebrated its 375th anniversary in 2017, all shows are performed in French and English.

Come visit us, the whole Sipo Matador family wishes you happy discoveries!